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[28 February 2005]

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Welcome to the Slape Family Tree Pages

The Slape surname is rare in genealogy. The name seems to originate in Devon and Somerset counties in England. A branch of the family exists on the south island of New Zealand and is traceable back to this area. Another branch is from the Portsmouth area in England and still lives in that area. Yet another branch occurs in the United States.

The rarity of the name is illustrated by the fact that in the 1881 census of England (which covers about 30 million persons) there are fewer than 200 persons with this surname, almost all of whom are in Devon, Somerset, Hampshire or London. It is consequently, fairly likely, that all persons with the Slape surname are related, and one of the attempts of this study is to determine those family links.

While many names have been spelled in different ways there are no spelling variations for the Slape surname, known at this time. The possibility does exist that the surnames "Slapp" and "Slap" which are also very rare, represent a part of this family. These latter names are found in the Norfolk area in the 1881 census of England, and the earliest known Slape on on family line is traced back to Norfolk.

If you find that some of the information that is presented is not correct, please communicate with us by e-mail. In sending your correcting information to us, please clearly indentify the individual(s) and clearly indicate what changes are necessary for corrections. Also please be specific in giving your sources for such changes. If at all these sources should be references to documents (such as birth, marriage or death certificates) of which you have a copy, or should be facts of which you are aware through close personal contact with the individuals involved.

If your name is missing from this list and you are a Slape or a Slape descendent we are interested in adding you to this tree. Please see "Your Name is Missing" for details on how to do this.

Please let other Slapes know about this site.

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