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Welcome to the Good One Name Study Site

This site is a "work in progress" devoted to the construction of an extensive family tree for those with the Good surname whose family links lead back to England. This does not include those of the Good name and its German variants (in particular "Gute") where the ancestry stems from central Europe.

If you trace your ancestry to an English Good line we are interested in including you in this tree, even if you do not link into the persons currently on the list (please select "Your name is missing?" from the left panel for details on how we do this).

The initial family tree is that of the descendents of John and Joan Good who lived in Barnstaple, Devon at the time of their children's births in the 1784-1788 time period. At least one of their children, Moses, migrated to  Plymouth and then to Portsmouth in the early 1800's. In Portsmouth members of the family were butchers, fishmongers, general dealers or brokers and also included dentists and Portsmouth City Councellors.Subsequent trees have been contributed by other researchers and you can see details of these contributions by selecting "The Contributors" link in the left navigation panel.

If you select the "Interesting Details" link you will see some of the statistics on the number of families, individuals and other information currently on the site.

Learn how you can become a contributor and add your GOOD family tree by selecting the "Your Name is Missing" link.

If you are researching the GOOD name you may find the various listings from census, IGI, Wills and Trade Listings to be of use. This list will increase over time so come back from time to time to see what has been added

The core of the site information is accessed through "The Family Tree" link which will open a new window. This will provide an index of all the individuals that have been added to the site. The index has links to the family pages for those family groupings that have been identified. There are help buttons on both the index and the family page and subsequent pages which will help you understand what is there. If you are a contributor, you will be able to do on-line editing of your portion of the tree to keep it up to date. Note also that we include a capability for uploading and showing source documents and their images. We also have a capability for uploading photos and invite everyone to provide us with photographs, particularly those from earlier years.

We look forward to having you as a contributor and hope you enjoy the site!

Kenneth Scott and others
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APlus Systems Inc. and others
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