Slape Descendants - Reunion 2006

Burnside,  South Australia



You are cordially invited to attend a reunion of the Slape’s, and related descendants, these include the following families - Aitchison, Allsworth, Barton, Beermeir, Burrow, Chapman, Colwell, Clezy, Couch, Coward, Driver, Finch, Fletcher, Foreman, Gilbert, Guymer, Hallewell, Hann, Harvey, Kennett, Kinnish, McCann, Melhuish, Mitchell, Oldman, Ozanne, Richard, Robinson, Smith, Steinwedel, Townley, Trenorden, Trenowden, Vonthethoff, Wakefield, Walker, Warland, Watts, White, Wicker; and others that remain unknown.


The history of the SLAPE family has been researched back to 1567 in Somerset, England.  Most, if not all, Australians with Slape heritage are descendants of James Slape, born 1797 at Fitzhead, Somerset, who died in 1848 in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, and his wife Eliza, nee STONE, born 1798 in Wiveliscombe and who died at Kensington, South Australia in 1857. 

James and Eliza had eleven children, all born in Wiveliscombe.  Apart from a son, Ralph, who died in infancy, all the children immigrated to South Australia, at various times during the 1850s. Eliza, their widowed mother, also came to South Australia. She may have arrived here with the younger children Robert Ralph, Martha and John.  As yet we have not been able to find any shipping records for these members of the family, however, we do know that Eliza and these three children were in Wiveliscombe at the time of the 1851 Census. Hospital records indicate that Robert Ralph and John arrived in South Australia on the ship, Fortitude.

The Slapes settled along the First and Second Creek at Burnside, and also at Summertown and Uraidla before spreading further throughout South Australia and later to Western Australia, Queensland and other states.


Date:         Saturday 22nd April 2006

Time:         10am to 4pm

Location:  Burnside Primary School. 11 High Street, Burnside. The event will be held in two large, air-conditioned rooms. There is a covered and paved outside area, with lawn, playground, oval, trees, toilets and kitchen facilities in the same area.  The area is wheel chair accessible.

Bookings:  A form is enclosed with this letter. If you are interested in attending, please complete and return this form by the 31st August 2005

Cost:   There will be a small registration fee for each adult to defray overall expenses of organizing the event. For those interested in attending, full details of registration, costs, walking tour, bus tour, printed matter and a CD of the family history will be forward in due course.

Lunch:     Readily available at a several venues close to the school, all are within a few minutes walk of the reunion venue. You may bring your own lunch, as there are ample dining facilities; tea, coffee, hot water, and cordial will be provided.

Parking:   All day parking is available free within the school grounds and in nearby streets.

Public Transport:  The Burnside Primary School is situated at 11 High Street Burnside, close to both Glynburn and Greenhill Roads. It is well catered for by public transport. Taxi fare from the city centre is approximately $15.00.

Accommodation:   An excellent selection of hotels is available in either Adelaide or suburbs close to the location of the reunion. Further information is available through the S.A. Tourism Commission or the RAA or your local Automobile Association.

Reunion Dinner:  Should there be enough people interested in attending, a special Reunion Dinner is proposed for Friday 21 April. Details are as follows: -

o          Location: To be confirmed when numbers are determined. Probably Payneham Road.

o          Meal:  A buffet meal; will include a roast, and a selection of hot and cold foods, salads, antipasto, desserts, tea and coffee.  The buffet style allows individuals with specific dietary needs to make their own choice.

o          Cost:   Approximately $20 per head, all-inclusive. Drinks are not included.

o          Parking: Free parking is available at the restaurant grounds and nearby streets.



There will be:

Ø             Displays and video presentation of the history of the Somerset Slapes, before migration, dating back to 1600’s

Ø             Genealogy charts of the Somerset Slapes and many of their Australian descendants.

Ø             A large selection of photos of various generations of family members

Ø             Memoirs of some older Slapes

Ø             Visits to the two original schoolrooms where many of our ancestors went to school, and view those names that appear on the old Honour Roll.

Ø             A walking tour of various locations around Burnside that are relevant to the Slape family history.

Ø             A bus tour which will cover the area of the walking tour, and, in addition will include  further sites of interest to Slape family members and descendants.

Ø             A video of Burnside showing many relevant sites that no longer exist.

Ø             A group photo session of all those attending, will be taken at 1.00pm.

We also hope to be able to visit Slapes Gully, however it will be necessary to make arrangements with the current owners. Full details will be advised at a later date


The following merchandise will be available for purchase:

Ø             Books relevant to the Slape’s family history.

Ø             A CD with extensive details of the Somerset origins of the family;

Ø             A CD of the Australian descendants.

Ø             Booklets of the walking and bus route.

Ø             A souvenir booklet of the day’s events with a list of registered attendees. This will be provided to registered attendees. Additional copies will also be available to purchase.


On the day you will also have the opportunity to:

v      Meet lots of “cousins”

v      View a photo of the 1937 Slape gathering of 130+ and find your family.

v      View the Burnside Primary School Reunion register of 1947 for family members who attended

v      Bring items or photos, artifacts for show and tell or identification.

v      Try to identify photos in the “unknowns” gallery.

v      Make a list of any printed material you see at the reunion. Copies will be posted or emailed to you the week following the reunion.

v      Bring a camera, or video, to take photos of the exhibits for your own records.

v      Add your family details to a genealogy chart dating back to 1600s


Please read the accompanying question sheet.  Contact either of us if you have any questions or suggestions for the event: -



Deidre Simcock 

Phone  [08] 8293 6880

Post address Box 121 Plympton 5038 


Colleen Eddie

Phone /fax [08] 82725881



If you do not intend to, or are unable to attend the reunion, and you are in possession of any historical family material, photos, etc. which could assist in filling in gaps, thus providing a more detailed family background, we would appreciate having details of, or access to, these items.

Please complete details in the enclosed questionnaire.



Please indicate if you would like to receive further information of this event.  Yes  [     ]  No  [     ]

Please return this form by 30th August 2005 to allow time for planning and booking of events.


Contact Person - Mr. [     ]  Mrs. [     ]  Ms. [     ] _____________________________ [Surname]    Given name/s ___________________________________


 Phone ___________________________ Email ________________________________________   


Home address ____________________________________________ Suburb ____________________________ State ________ Post Code __________


Please indicate if you wish the above personal  details to be kept confidential [     ]


I would like to receive a detailed programme, to be forwarded in November [     ]  Please tick if appropriate


Please indicate the number of people who may be interested in attending. Attach a separate list if there is not enough room below….

Name/s of person/s

Male/ female

Those under 18

Family line if known


Required item / service






Projector screens







Projector for power point ( have one, need a spare)






Someone who has photographic skills to help organize and take the “photo shoot” at 1pm






Someone who could put information on a web site and become a webmaster.





People to meet and greet and answer genealogy questions  on their family group.






People who would be a contact person for   a family or group








Someone who could  help with a computer corner. We plan to  have a laptop, scanner and laser printer to scan in items people may bring and  do small run prints of data on the hard drive





People to assist in the kitchen area




























































In order to keep costs to a minimum we are asking for assistance with the following items; can you help with…

Name of person:





Projector screens




Projector for power point (we have one, but a spare would be handy)








Someone with photographic skills to help organize and take the “photo shoot” at 1.00 pm




Someone who could put information on a web site and become a webmaster.




People to meet and greet attendees and answer genealogy questions on their family group.




People to act as contact persons for their family or group




Someone to assist with a computer corner. We plan to have a laptop, scanner and laser printer to scan in items that people may bring and do small run prints of data from the hard drive




People to assist in the kitchen area where urns for tea and coffee will be provided








Please indicate in the table below if you would be interested in participating in any of the following activities.

Cost will depend on the numbers of people who express an interest in the activity…



Number of adults

Children under 12


(Approximate only)

Walking tour of Burnside




Bus tour of sites relevant to Slape history




Reunion Dinner




CDs Slape History




Books relevant to Slape History



$10.00 - $20.00



For those who are [a] unable to attend, but would like to share their lineage and family details, or [b] those who are planning to attend and would like their family information included, please complete the following details...



Date of birth?

Where born?

Date and where Married?


Parent’s names?

Date Parents Died

Parent’s Burial Details

 - Date and location?
























































Do you have any relevant family information, documents, photos, etc. that you would be willing to share? Please set out the details below: -

Details of item